Inflect Data

Get to know a little bit about where our data comes from, how it's handled, and why we feel so good about it.

Accurate & actionable

At Inflect, everything we do centers around ensuring that our data is accurate and actionable.

Quality data from trusted sources

All of our data comes either directly from providers, provider APIs, or reputable third-party databases like PeeringDB.

Consistently formatted, regularly updated

We comb through, rationalize, and cross-reference the data before giving each data point a confidence rating. Only data points with the highest confidence rating get published to Inflect. This way, you never have to feel like you're just getting a best guess.

Get your data into Inflect

We are constantly working to get more providers and data points into Inflect. If you're a data center, exchange, or network provider, we'd love to hear from you!

Send a note to, and we'll work together to get your data into Inflect.